Habits to Avoid for Your Overall Oral Health

Posted on Sep 7, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

Habits to Avoid for Your Overall Oral Health | Coral West DentalThe quality of your oral health can be impacted by a number of factors. Most people understand that brushing twice per day is an important part of taking care of your teeth. When it comes to your overall oral health, however, there is much more to it than simply brushing on the appropriate schedule. There are a number of habits in your day-to-day life that can impact your overall oral health. If you are dedicated to having good oral health then you need to avoid habits such as smoking, eating a low-quality diet, missing routine dental appointments, and skipping out on flossing.


Avoiding the habit of smoking is an essential part of developing good overall oral health. A smoking habit will wreak havoc on your oral (and overall) health. Smoking will discolor your teeth and can cause deep stains that do not respond to surface whitening. Your gums will suffer as well if you smoke. Serious periodontal disease is a common issue for people who are in the habit of smoking. When you develop periodontitis it can cause your gums to recede and separate from your teeth. Eventually, the habit of smoking can lead to tooth loss. There is not upside to smoking when it comes to your overall oral health.

Eating a low-quality diet

The things you eat day in and day out can have an impact on your overall oral health. A diet that is low-quality can make it more difficult to avoid issues such as cavities, discoloration, and gum disease. A high-quality diet, on the other hand, can provide you with the vitamins and overall health that are necessary for good oral health. There are a number of reasons why you should avoid the habit of eating poorly – you can add your overall oral health to that list.

Missing routine dentist appointments

Missing routine dentist appointments is an easy habit to develop because the appointments only happen twice per year. Missing just one routine dental appointment leaves you vulnerable to damage from undiagnosed issues until you make it to the next appointment. Skipping out on preventative dental care can lead to serious problem with your overall oral health. Make these dental visits a priority so you can avoid the consequences of allowing dental issues to progress untreated.

Skipping out on flossing

Flossing seems to be the element of a high-quality oral care routine that the highest number of people struggle to maintain. Skipping out on flossing once in a while may not irreparably damage your overall oral health. However, if skipping out on flossing becomes a habit, it will eventually have a negative impact on your overall oral health. Flossing helps protect your teeth from decay and your gums from disease-causing bacteria.

Avoiding the habits outlined above and following a high-quality oral care routine will go a long way toward protecting your overall oral health. Taking care of your overall oral health is not complicated but it does require consistency. If you need help getting your oral health back on track, schedule an appointment at Coral West Dental.

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