Teaching Your Kids Good Oral Hygiene Habits

Posted on Oct 26, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

Teaching Your Kids Good Oral Hygiene Habits | Coral West Dental

Teaching your kids good oral hygiene habits now can impact how they take care of their teeth and gums for the rest of their lives. Poor oral hygiene care while young can lead to damaged permanent teeth and more problems down the line. Take advantage of this stage of life and be intentional about helping your kids establish the habits that will keep their teeth and gums healthy throughout their lives. You can do this by starting young, being consistent, modeling good habits, and making dentist visits a regular occurrence.

Start young

You can start teaching your kids good oral hygiene habits before they even have teeth. There are baby toothbrushes available that you can use to brush their gums and apply pain relief products when they start teething. Establishing the routine of caring for their teeth at an early age will help your kids develop the lifelong habit of good oral hygiene.

Be consistent

As a parent you are well aware of how important consistency is when teaching your kids something new. If you want to engrain good oral hygiene habits in your kids then consistency is key. There may be days when they do not want to brush or floss and push back when you tell them to. If you are consistent with the rules related to oral hygiene then they will eventually come to the realization that trying to skip these tasks is not an option.

Model good habits

Your kids learn a lot by watching what you do. Try and let them see you model good oral hygiene habits. Keep the bathroom door open when you brush and floss. When you have a dentist appointment mention it to them so they know you get your teeth checked regularly. This method is especially helpful when your kids are still at the age where they want to do everything you do.

Make dentist visits a regular occurrence

When your kids are young you can help them view the dentist in a positive light. Visiting the dentist regularly-twice per year for a cleaning and check-up-will allow your kids to become familiar with the dentist and the process. When they know what to expect kids are much less likely to experience fear of going to the dentist.

Good oral hygiene habits will do much more than simply keep your kids from getting cavities. Establishing a consistent routine of caring for their teeth and mouth will lay a foundation that you can build upon and teach the importance of overall self-care. Oral hygiene is a great place to start because you can begin establishing the routines at such a young age. If you begin early, require your kids to remain consistent, model the behaviors you want to see, and take the mystery out of visiting the dentist you will be able to set your kids on the path toward good oral hygiene habits and overall oral health.

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