3 Tips for Getting to the Root of Your Tooth Pain

Posted on Dec 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

3 Tips for Getting to the Root of Your Tooth Pain | Coral West DentalTooth pain can completely derail you from your day. Mild tooth pain is an annoying and constant reminder that something is not quite right. Severe tooth pain can make it impossible to do normal daily tasks like eating, drinking, and sleeping. No matter what level of tooth pain you are currently experiencing – you want it gone. The key to successfully treating tooth pain is to determine the root cause so you can take appropriate action.

Consider any recent injuries

If you experienced a recent injury to your mouth or jaw your pain could be the result of that injury. The damage to your teeth that you sustain from an injury may not show up immediately after the event. It can take time for serious damage to show up and start causing problems. If you have suddenly started to have tooth pain, think about any recent injuries. Is the pain around the area where you sustained the injury? If your tooth pain is related to a recent injury the best course of action is to go see your dentist. An untreated injury can continue to cause pain and may even lead to tooth death. You need to have the injury examined and treated by a dentist to eliminate the pain and properly care for your tooth.

Take a look at your oral hygiene routine

Other potential causes for tooth pain include gum disease and decay. Each of these issues are impacted by the quality of your oral hygiene routine. Take a look at your daily routine and determine if it is lacking in some way. For example, do you skip out on flossing more often than not? Are there times when you forget to brush before bed? Seemingly small oversights in your oral care routine can lead to painful oral issues like gum disease and decay. If the root cause of your oral pain is gum disease you may be able to eliminate it by improving your oral hygiene routine. If the root cause of your pain is decay, you will have to visit your dentist to address it and eliminate the pain.

Schedule an appointment with your dentist

The most effective way to get to the root of your tooth pain is to schedule an appointment with your dentist. It can be difficult to narrow down the cause of your tooth pain without the help of a dentist. During your appointment, your dentist will examine your teeth and gums and may also do some imaging. Getting a thorough examination will help you get to the root of your oral pain and learn about your options for treatment.

Oral pain is not something that you can ignore. Many of the factors that can cause pain are progressive – meaning they will continue to worsen without intervention. Follow the three tips outlined here to determine the cause of your oral pain so you can take steps to eliminate it.

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