4 Ways Routine Dental Care Protects Your Oral Health

Posted on Nov 30, 2020 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

4 Ways Routine Dental Care Protects Your Oral Health | Coral West Dental

Routine dental care can help you keep your smile looking good. During a preventative dental visit, you will have your teeth cleaned and leave with a brighter smile. A better-looking smile may be enough to get you to the dentist twice per year but it is by no means the only benefit of routine dental care. Routine dental care can also protect your oral health in important ways.

Remove plaque and tartar

The dental cleaning you receive during a routine dental appointment removes any plaque or tartar that has built up on your teeth. Plaque is a film that can build up on your teeth over time. Plaque is caused by bacteria that you miss during the brushing process. It is possible to remove plaque through brushing but it can be easy to miss some spots – especially at the gumline. If you do not consistently remove all the plaque on your teeth it will harden over time and turn into tartar. Tartar can only be removed by scraping it off of your teeth – brushing alone is not enough. A big part of the cleaning process when you go to the dentist is removing plaque and tartar. Getting these substances off of your teeth helps prevent decay and protect against gum disease. 

Assess the condition of your gums

The health of your gums is an important element of your overall oral health. The mild form of gum disease – gingivitis – is common. If gingivitis goes untreated and is allowed to progress it will lead to a more serious form of gum disease called periodontitis. Periodontitis can cause serious side effects such as pain, infection, receding gums, and even tooth loss. Dealing with gum disease quickly is an important part of caring for your overall oral health. During your routine dental appointments, the dentist will assess the condition of your gums and recommend treatment if necessary.

Prevent decay from spreading

Preventing the spread of decay is an important part of protecting your overall oral health. Decay can eat away at your teeth which can lead to pain, infection, and eventually tooth loss. Making it to your routine dental appointments is a way to prevent decay from spreading. Your dentist will check for signs of decay at each appointment and provide treatment if decay is discovered.

Catch and treat issues early

There are a number of issues you can have with your teeth and mouth beyond decay and gum disease. A few examples include an abscess tooth, impacted tooth, and a cracked or damaged tooth. The condition of your teeth can tell your dentist a lot about you. For example, if your teeth are worn down it can be a sign of a deep bite or may mean that you are grinding your teeth in your sleep. Any number of issues can be discovered during your routine dental appointments. Catching and treating these issues early on can protect your overall oral health.

The list of reasons why you should get routine dental care can go on and on. The reality is that getting to the dentist at least twice per year can protect you from a number of serious issues. If it has been a while since your last routine dental visit, schedule an appointment as soon as possible so you can get back on track. 

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