6 Reasons Your Tooth Just Cracked While Chewing

Posted on Jan 1, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

6 Reasons Your Tooth Just Cracked While Chewing | Coral West DentalThere are many different types of tooth fractures that leave people with cracked and broken teeth. But how could you crack your tooth just by chewing on your dinner? It’s hard to imagine, but believe it or not there are many reasons as to why your tooth would crack while chewing. To help you find out what went wrong we created a list of 6 reasons why your tooth might have cracked while chewing.

  1. Past Dental Procedures

While all dental procedures are created to help better your oral health, sometimes they can create weak points in your teeth. For example, fillings not too long ago use to be done with a type of metal (silver amalgam) which, over time, would expand and contract with changing temperatures in the mouth. Down the road this expansion and contraction would created a weakened tooth, susceptible to cracking.

  1. Previous Impact/Trauma

Impact or trauma to teeth could also make them very susceptible to cracking while eating. When your mouth is impacted by something, it can shift the teeth around in your mouth. This movement can leave your teeth in a frail condition long after the original trauma, thus making them more susceptible to cracking or fracturing while eating.

  1. Excessive Grinding

Do you grind your teeth at night? It can be hard to know, however if you do grinding can leave your teeth vulnerable to cracking and fracturing. This is because as you grind your teeth, the protective enamel is worn away thus leaving exposed the sensitive dentin which can easily crack while under pressure.

  1. Uneven Chewing Pressure

Yes, you read it correctly. Simply using uneven pressure while chewing can leave you with a cracked tooth. While eating harder foods its important to take smaller bites and to vary the pressure from your teeth. If too much pressure is placed onto one tooth or group of teeth they can crack or fracture without warning.

  1. Hot & Cold

Just like most objects, if your teeth go from one extreme temperature to another they can become frail and crack. Having a very hot coffee with a nice glass of ice cold water isn’t the best idea. This instant heat change followed by the pressure of eating can lead to a prompt crack.

  1. Chewing Hard Objects

Lastly we have the most obvious of causes. Chewing hard objects like ice, nuts, or candy can cause a cracked tooth in no time. It all comes down to how strong the object your chewing is and how strong your teeth are. If the object is stronger, your tooth will crack.

Again, these are just some of the reasons as to why your tooth might crack while eating. This list in no way covers all of the reasons. Every case is different so it’s extremely important to see a dentist as soon as possible after cracking your tooth; not only to repair the tooth, but to also diagnose just what occurred so that it doesn’t happen again.

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