Common Barriers to Proper Dental Care

Posted on Mar 8, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

Common Barriers to Proper Dental Care | Coral West DentalProper dental care is important for a long list of reasons. Most people will acknowledge that routine dental care is important but there are a number of common barriers that can get in the way. When your teeth are free from pain and other serious issues, it can be easy to put your dental care on the backburner. However, doing that can lead to some serious consequences down the line. Becoming aware of the common barriers to proper dental care can help you overcome them and stay on track with your oral health. 

Lack of time

Life can be extremely busy. The pace of modern life can make it feel like you simply cannot fit anything else into your schedule. If you have a full schedule and a detailed plan, it can feel like you simply do not have time to fit in routine dental appointments. Lack of time is a common barrier to proper dental care. If you are currently enjoying good oral health then slowing down to get routine dental care may not seem worth it. The reality is, however, that if a problem does arise it will require much more of your time and energy to deal with. For example, if you notice a dull pain in your mouth it may not cause you to call the dentist immediately but it will likely have a negative impact on your concentration. Once the pain escalates you will have no choice but to go to the dentist. How much productivity will you lose between the time the pain starts and the time you go get help? In the long run, getting proper dental care will save you time by helping you avoid problems.  


Another potential barrier to proper dental care is fear or anxiety. Fear and anxiety about going to the dentist are common. Some people experience fear at the thought of going to the dentist because of a negative experience from the past. Others have generalized anxiety about going into new or unfamiliar situations. It can seem easier to avoid going to the dentist than to push past that fear or anxiety. The reality is, however, that avoiding routine dental care will potentially lead to problems with your oral health. Dealing with issues such as decay, infection, and gum disease is more difficult than taking preventative action. Getting to the dentist twice per year for routine dental care will help you avoid many oral problems and catch any issues that do arise while they are small. A good first step in overcoming your fear or anxiety about going to the dentist is to get comfortable with the dental practice you plan to use. Touring the office, learning about the staff, and meeting with the dentist before you get any type of oral care can all help minimize your fear and anxiety about the process. 

Lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge is a common barrier to proper dental care. You may not realize how much important work is done during those routine dental appointments. For example, tartar is hardened plaque. If you develop tartar, it cannot be removed by brushing alone – it has to be scraped off of your teeth. Tartar that is not removed promptly can lead to gum disease and decay. An important part of each one of your routine dental appointments is removing tartar. This is just one example of the many steps that are involved in routine dental appointments. 

There are barriers to getting the routine dental care you need. However, the potential consequences of skipping out on routine dental care make it worth the effort to overcome those barriers. If you need help getting back on track with your oral care, get in touch with Coral West Dental today.

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