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Posted on Nov 28, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

Shutterstock_1744119506The appearance of your teeth can either give you a big boost of confidence if they are straight and bright or they can cause you to feel self-conscious if your teeth are less than satisfactory. Fortunately, there are several cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures in Coralville, IA that can help you achieve the teeth that you have always wanted. Ranging in price and how long the treatment will last, you will be able to speak with your dentist about which procedure or treatment will be best for you. Choosing an experienced dentist will also ensure that whatever procedure you choose, the results will be beautiful.

Reasons for cosmetic dentistry

While teeth serve some basic functions in your mouth, like chewing food, not all teeth are the same. There are several reasons why teeth become crooked, chipped, yellow, or weak. A few different reasons why cosmetic dentistry is needed are:

  • Genetics: There are several genetic issues that could cause your smile to be less than satisfactory such as:

    • An overcrowded mouth: Some people are born with smaller mouths and their teeth push and move around in search of space which can leave the teeth becoming crooked or overlapped.

    • Unique deformities in teeth: Some permanent teeth come in with a different appearance. A peg lateral, for example, is a condition when one of the incisors comes in with a pointy or cone shape.

    • Missing permanent teeth: In some cases, permanent teeth never come in to fill the gap left by the baby teeth, leaving a hole in your smile.

    • Less than white teeth: Some people have genetically more yellow teeth than they may desire.

  • Trauma

    • Cracked or chipped tooth: Being hit in the mouth can chip a tooth or cause it to crack

    • Avulsed tooth: In some cases, an adult tooth can be knocked out of your mouth, root and all.

  • Poor oral hygiene

    • Gum disease: If teeth are not properly cleaned, bacteria can sit around the gums, causing them to inflame and become irritated. Gum disease can lead to loose teeth that will eventually fall out if not addressed.

    • Cavities: As with gum disease, cavities form when not properly cleaned, leaving holes and decay in your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry can help

Your trusted cosmetic dentist in Coralville will be able to find a solution for your teeth. Through the use of braces, even invisible braces, your teeth can be straightened. In office teeth whitening procedures can make your teeth dazzlingly white. Porcelain crowns or fillings can be an excellent, discreet option for restorative dentistry. Porcelain implants or veneers can replace or cover issues in your smile while making your teeth easier to clean. Esthetic bonding can also cover minor imperfections so that you only see your beautiful, white smile.

Regardless of your needs, your Coralville dentist will have a solution for your smile through cosmetic dentistry. For the best cosmetic dentist in Coralville, IA, give Coral West Dental a call today.

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