Four Steps To Choosing A New Dentist In Coralville, IA

Posted on Nov 6, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

Four Steps To Choosing A New Dentist In Coralville, IA | Coral West Dental

In the past, choosing a dentist was much more simple. Most people would just follow the recommendation of a friend or family member. People might have even decided to just use the dental office closest to them for convenience. These days, there are so many choices and different factors to consider. It can actually be quite overwhelming to know where to start. Here are our suggestions on where to start when looking for a new dentist in Coralville, Iowa.

Step One: Determine What Kind of Dentist You Need

There are many kinds of doctors in the medical field, and when you have a specific need, you must seek out the correct specialist. The same goes for dentists. If you are looking for a simple check up and cleaning, a general dentist, often known as a “cosmetic dentist” or “family dentist” should get the job done. There are also dental specialists who focus on a specific area, such as periodontitis who specialize in gum disease treatment or pediatric dentists who work only with children.

Step Two: Family and Friend Recommendations

Who knows you better than your friends and family? No one! So if you hear from someone close to you that they had a great experience with a dental office, it’d worth checking out. If for example, you have anxiety around dentistry and your family member just had an appointment somewhere that offered a variety of amenities to help cope with that, write down the name of that practice and do some more research into it as you move along with your search.

Step Three: Local Search

Although it’s much easier for us to get around then it was back in the day no one really wants to go too far to a dental office if they can help it. What if you have an emergency, or your car breaks down the morning of an appointment? It’s much more convenient to have your dentist nearby. That in mind, start by doing a search for dentists in your town, Coralville. Make a note of 5 or so offices that interest you right off the bat. Most practices will have a detailed website with pictures of their offices, an introduction to their office and a list of amenities and specials they offer. You might even be able to check if they take your insurance via their website as well.

Step Four: Reviews

Once you have your short list, do some digging into experiences that other people have had. Checking an office’s website is great but ultimately it doesn’t give you any insight into how past patients feel. Reviews can be tricky to navigate because not everyone will be 100% satisfied all of the time. Also keep in mind that people are much more inclined to leave a negative review than a positive one. Still, reading through reviews will give you a good idea about the specific pros and cons that you might experience if you choose to go with that dental office.

Looking for a new dentist in Coralville might seem overwhelming at first, but we’ve found that following these four steps can take the guesswork out of it. A little time and research will help make sure you have the best experience possible. To read more, feel free to download our free eBook "6 Tips to Get Your Family to the Dentist!"

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