Must Know Facts For Anyone Considering Teeth Whitening

Posted on Jan 1, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

Must Know Facts For Anyone Considering Teeth Whitening | Coral West DentalEverybody wants a nice white smile. White teeth can do wonders for your self esteem, and make you feel more free to express yourself. Cosmetic dentistry is gaining popularity, and whitening is by far the most popular procedure.

If you’re thinking about getting a whiter smile, you might not know where to start. There are so many options. There are strips, pastes and trays that you can buy from the store, but which ones actually work? On top of all those options, your dentist has a few different methods that can help as well. You might be considering over-the-counter whitening methods, but before you decide on which way to go, there are a few downsides to the cheaper, store bought whitening methods that you should know about.

They take a lot longer to work

When you go to the dentist to get your teeth whitened, you’ll be able to see the results immediately. As soon as your dentist is finished and hands you the mirror you’ll be able to notice how much whiter your smile is. These results will last for a while as well. On the other hand, a store bought whitening solution will take at least a few weeks to show results. Some take up to 12 weeks of consistent use to show any difference in color on your teeth. If you’re looking for a treatment that will whiten up your smile for an event you have coming up soon, or just want something more immediate, your dentist is the best option to go with.

You might feel sensitivity.

It’s actually quite common for people who use teeth whitening methods to feel some discomfort and sensitivity. It’s never fun to experience sensitivity, and it can actually be a cause for concern at times. If you have naturally sensitive teeth or gums, talk to your dentist before you start any whitening processes so that they can give you a recommendation or some tips for dealing with it. If you’re not comfortable with having things sit on your teeth, you might want to go with a quicker procedure in the dental office, rather than have to deal with strips and trays every day.

The best OTC whitening treatment is….

Whitening strips have shown to be the most effective store bought whitening treatment by far. If you’re absolutely sure you want to go with a store bought method, this might be the option to go with for the best results.

Effects wear off after a while.

Regardless of which method you choose, keep in mind that the results won’t last forever. What you’re doing by whitening your teeth is basically the same as adding bleach into your whites when you wash laundry. It helps keep whites white, but after a while, stains will develop and you’ll have to repeat the process. Even in-office treatments will wear off after a while, but the stronger bleaching agent that dentists have special clearance to use will definitely cause results to last longer than the over the counter products will.

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