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What is Sleep Apnea?

When you hear about sleeping issues, you may think of snoring or insomnia. Both are common and well publicized. But there is another very common problem that isn’t nearly as well known: sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea affects an estimated 22 million people, and 80 percent of those affected are undiagnosed. How can such a prevalent condition be so ignored?

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3 Reasons Why You Need to Consider Oral Appliance Therapy if You Snore

You may have never heard of oral appliance therapy, but it can be a lifesaver if you have been told or already know you're a snorer or live with someone who snores. Here are three major reasons why you need to consider oral appliance therapy:

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Johnson County, Iowa: Learn How to get your Family to the Dentist!

Convincing your children that they need a trip to the dentist can be a tall order – and in some cases even more difficult to convince your spouse! However, routine dental exams and cleanings should be a major priority in your lives. Take a look below for a few tips on how to get your family to the dentist every time!

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What is Laser Gum Surgery?

 If you’re suffering from gum disease, there are many treatment options available. The only way to stop or reverse the effects of gingivitis or periodontitis is to physically remove the harmful bacteria, plaque and tartar from underneath your gums. Since the possibilities of treatment range from simple oral hygiene to surgical procedures, there is sure to be an option that is right for you. Laser gum surgery is one of the newest treatments available for gum disease, and it might be your best bet.

 One effective method for treating gum disease is a procedure called scaling and root planing. This method of scaling involves removing the plaque and calculus on the tooth surface, while root planing is the process of smoothing the root surface so that the gum tissue can easily reattach to the tooth. With a new take on the procedure that includes the use of lasers, called laser-assisted new attachment procedure (LANAP), the process can be done with far less swelling, bleeding, and pain than in the past.

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What is the Best Treatment for Sleep Apnea?

Many people struggle with sleep apnea – in fact, according to some estimates, up to 22 million Americans are dealing with the issues surrounding this struggle. But there are many treatments available that can help ease the symptoms of sleep apnea, and help you to get back to a good night’s rest. Then your dentist can make sure to determine one or more of the casuses of sleep apnea in your case.


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5 Tips to Get Rid of Your Constant Bad Breath

If you deal with bad breath on a regular basis, you’re probably anxious to find a way to rid yourself of the issue. If you’ve tried gum, mints, and mouthwash to no avail, you may be feeling as if there’s no hope. Luckily, there are a number of things you can try on a regular basis to ensure that you are doing all that you can to have the freshest breath possible. Below you will find the 5 tips you need to get rid of your constant bad breath.

  1. Brush Twice a Day

Most likely, you brush your teeth daily. Twice a day may be hit or miss. However, it’s incredibly important that you brush at least twice a day to rid your teeth and gums of plaque buildup. Plaque, which is basically a filmy combo of bacteria, mucus, and food particles, can attach itself to your teeth and gums very quickly. If you aren’t brushing at least twice a day, you’re allowing that bacteria to grow. Over time, plaque can harden into tartar, which can irritate your gums and lead to gum disease. To avoid these issues, as well as bad breath, brush whenever you can.

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