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Where Should I Go For a Dental Emergency in Coralville, IA?

Dental emergencies can come out of nowhere and quickly sink your plans for the weekend. If you have ever suffered tooth pain or the worrisome moment you discover a cracked tooth, you understand the initial panic of needing emergency dental care. Having an established relationship with a dentist that offers emergency hours can be a real comfort if you find yourself in need of emergency dental services. But if you are new to the area or simply do not have a dental office that you see regularly, you may be asking yourself, “Where should I go for a dental emergency in Coralville, IA?” The answer is to simply call Coral West Dental to get the best, personalized care you need for your dental emergency.

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Are in-office teeth whitening treatments effective?

Have you noticed yellowing or stained teeth in the mirror? There can be many different causes of teeth not being their brightest. Whether you are a coffee drinker, or are genetically predisposed to having yellowing teeth, you will want to know all of your options for achieving that white, dazzling smile you have always wanted. Instead of using at-home methods to brighten your smile, you may be thinking of a more hands off approach and have your dentist whiten your teeth in the office. But are in-office teeth whitening treatment effective? Not only are in-office whitening treatments very effective, the treatments are also fast! After a 30 minute dental visit, you will be able to see the results immediately. You can leave your teeth whitening appointment with the smile you want and the time to enjoy it, instead of spending time on multiple treatments a day at home using whitening strips or trays.

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Is Cosmetic Dentistry A Good Option for Me if I Have Crooked Teeth?

Living with crooked teeth, though quite common in both children and adults, can create a daily struggle of self-confidence. Especially in a society permeated with video calls, Zoom meetings, and selfies, a person’s smile is one of the first things people will notice.

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What are the Best Treatments for Gum Disease?

Gum disease can be the last thing you expected to deal with this year. And yet, once it has been discovered, treating gum disease is now a top priority. If left untreated, gum disease has a nasty habit of getting worse, leading to bad breath, gum recession, loss of teeth, and possibly infecting the rest of the body. Definitely not a road anyone wants to go down. You may find yourself asking, “What are the best treatments for gum disease?” But first, you need to know what to look for when determining if you have gum disease and which kind so you can begin treatment.

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What should I do if I find out I have gum disease?

Gum disease can be a big problem for the mouth and even cause health issues in other parts of the body. One reason why gum disease is so problematic is because many people have gum disease and do not even know it. Cavities can send you reeling in pain but, by contrast, gum disease isn’t always associated with pain more than bothered or inflamed gums. But don’t brush gum disease off so easily. If left unattended, gum disease can lead to bleeding gums, loss of bone, and eventually loss of teeth. So be sure to keep your regular appointments with your dentist! It's invaluable to have another set of eyes checking for signs of gum disease. Catching gum disease early can minimize the damage and infected areas in your mouth. You may ask yourself, “What should I do if I find out I have gum disease?” Fortunately, your dentist has a plan for gum disease and will immediately begin implementing that plan to treat your mouth.

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Where should I go for an Emergency Dental Situation in Coralville, IA?

Dental emergencies may be the last thing you were thinking about when you woke up this morning. But whether it is a cracked tooth or a tooth pain that cannot be ignored, taking care of it as soon as possible is now the only thing on your mind. You may be left wondering, “Where should I go for an emergency dental situation in Coralville, IA?” The easy answer to your dental emergency is to call Coral West Dental.

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