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What Should I Do If I Have Chronic Bad Breath?

For most people, grabbing a mint or stick of gum to address coffee breath or brushing their teeth to get rid of morning breath is the extent of how they deal with any negative odors coming from their mouths. But for others, bad breath can be a definite sign that their oral health is suffering or could even be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition. Poor oral hygiene can leave food particles between teeth that cause bad breath and can also lead to the tongue trapping odorous bacteria. Mouth infections from oral procedures or even tooth infections can add to bad breath. Bad breath can also have great social implications that could keep you from wanting to connect with others out of low self esteem or embarrassment. If you are wondering, “What should I do if I have chronic bad breath?” identifying the cause will help you address the problem for your health and to avoid embarrassing moments in social settings.

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Where Should I Go For Cosmetic Dentistry in Coralville?

There are many different options if you want to improve your smile. Whether your teeth are yellow, crooked, or misshapen, there is a way to achieve the smile you have always wanted. Through cosmetic dentistry, you will have a number of possible procedures that straighten, repair, or whiten your teeth so you can be happy with your teeth’s appearance when looking in the mirror. If you find yourself asking, “Where should I go for cosmetic dentistry in Coralville?” finding the best cosmetic dentist for you will not take much searching. When deciding where to go for your cosmetic dentistry procedure to take your teeth from dull to dazzling, finding the friendliest, most experienced dentist is a must.

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Best Emergency Dental Care in Coralville

No one chooses to have a dental emergency. Overwhelming tooth pain or panic over a cracked, chipped, or missing tooth can send you reeling, searching for a dentist who can provide you with emergency dental care quickly. Having an established relationship with a dentist that offers emergency hours can be a real comfort if you find yourself in need of emergency dental services. But who has the best emergency dental care in Coralville, IA? Dr. Rubel at Coral West Dental has been serving Coralville patients for over 30 years. The Coral West Dental team are ready to help you get seen for your dental emergency so you can get back to doing the things that are most important to you.

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What are My Treatment Options if I Cracked a Tooth?

Hearing your tooth crack as you are eating one of your favorite foods is alarming in itself. But if you happen to be a person who’s anxiety levels tend to rise at the thought of going to the dentist, a cracked tooth can be an absolute nightmare.

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Is a Toothache a Dental Emergency?

Few pains can stop you in your tracks the way a toothache can. You may be just living your life until you take a sip of cold water, leaving you absolutely reeling in pain. Taking an over-the-counter pain killer or rinsing your mouth with saltwater can bring relief to your tooth pain. But understanding the underlying causes and knowing when to seek professional help is crucial so that you are not left in unmanageable pain as well as with permanent damage due to an unattended toothache. But is a toothache considered a dental emergency? The answer is it depends on the cause and severity of the pain.

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Is There Emergency Dental Care Available in Coralville, IA?

When a wisdom tooth begins to throb or a permanent tooth gets knocked out, getting to the dentist may be the only thing on your mind. But if the pain or accident happens in the late evening or on the weekend, knowing where to call is the first step to getting the emergency dental care you need. You may even be wondering, “Is there emergency dental care available in Coralville, IA?” The answer is, “Absolutely!” Coral West Dental offers emergency dental care and extended hours and weekend hours so you will be seen quickly if you have a dental emergency. In Coralville, IA, having available emergency dental care when you need it can be a real comfort in a stressful situation. Coral West Dental is there to provide you with the care you need so you can soon get back to life as usual.

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