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Posted on Apr 25, 2022 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

shutterstock_1390790267Finding yourself in need of emergency dental care can be painful, overwhelming, and stressful. One thing is sure, when it comes to taking care of your broken or cracked tooth, or throbbing mouth pain, you want the absolute best emergency dentist in Coralville, IA. Things to consider when searching for the best dentist for your dental emergency are experience, extended and weekend hour availability, recommendations from friends, and a patient centered approach that will give you the comfort you need during this stressful and possibly painful moment in your life.


In any uncertain situation, someone with extensive experience to lead you can be quite comforting. When you are in pain or worried because of a dental emergency, finding the right dentist in Coralville to address your mouth swiftly and thoroughly will not only get you out of pain faster, but also put your mind at ease, knowing you are in good hands.


Emergencies are not convenient. They can happen at any moment of the day. Dental emergencies are no different. Whether the issue is you bit down on something hard and crack a tooth, if your child damages a tooth in a skateboard accident, or an emerging wisdom tooth begins to throb with pain, dropping everything else to get in front of a dentist is now the number one priority. If your emergency does not happen during weekday office hours, finding a dentist who is available to see you may be difficult. A Coralville dentist who offers evening hours a couple days a week as well as weekend hours has a much greater chance of being available when you need them most.

Patient centered

When you are worried or in pain from a dental emergency, entering a friendly, helpful Coralville dental office can put all your concerns to rest. When the dentist is calm and caring as he or she walks you through what the process will look like to address your dental issue, your stress level will immediately come down. Dental emergencies can leave you feeling quite vulnerable because alleviating the pain or fixing the broken tooth can be overwhelming, leaving you desperate for help. A calm, assured presence from an experienced, friendly dentist is definitely a quality you want during your emergency dental situation.


In today’s world, people enjoy sharing their experiences in just about every situation. If you are in need of help because of an infection or abscess around a tooth or have damaged a permanent tooth, asking your friends and family where to go is a great way to find a dentist fast. People will come out of the woodwork to give you a quick rundown of local dental offices where they had a good or not so good experience. If you are new to the area, do a quick online search to find good reviews of a friendly, available dentist in the area.

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