The Long-Term Repercussions of Neglecting Your Oral Health

Posted on Oct 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

The Long-Term Repercussions of Neglecting Your Oral Health | Coral West DentalGenetics play a role in the health of your teeth and gums which means that some people can get away with neglecting their oral health more than others. However, no matter how good your genetics may be, you will eventually experience negative repercussions if you continually neglect your oral health. Some of the potential long-term repercussions of neglecting your oral health include gum disease, tooth decay, oral infections and tooth/bone loss.

Gum Disease

Gum disease can range from mild (gingivitis) to severe (periodontitis). There are a number of factors that influence whether or not you develop gum disease – the most common of which is poor oral hygiene. Gum disease develops in response to the presence of bacteria and tartar in your mouth. You can minimize the amount of tartar and bad bacteria in your mouth with proper oral care. Tartar is plaque that has hardened over time. If you do not brush properly and frequently enough plaque will buildup and eventually turn into tartar. Tartar is so hard that it can only be removed by scraping it off with a metal tool. Bacteria can also build up between your teeth and at the gum line if you neglect to floss regularly. You can significantly reduce your chances of developing gum disease and experiencing the consequences if you start being proactive about your oral health.  


Tooth decay is another repercussion that you will experience if you continually neglect your oral health. Some people are more susceptible to tooth decay than others but no one is completely immune to it. In order to prevent decay, you need to brush and floss regularly. Since each person is different there is no way to determine how often you can skip brushing or flossing and still avoid decay. The best way to minimize your risk of developing tooth decay is to be proactive and consistent with your oral care.


Your gums and tooth roots will be put a risk for infection if you neglect your oral health. The root canal of your tooth can become infected and you can also develop an abscess at the bottom of your tooth root. Both types of infections are painful and require major intervention from your dentist. Gum disease and decay are two factors that make these types of infection much more likely.

Tooth and Bone Loss

Two of the most severe repercussions of neglecting your oral health are tooth and bone loss. If you develop gum disease and tooth decay, they will continue to damage your teeth and structures in your mouth until you intervene. When you allow these issues to continue without intervention you can suffer tooth loss and bone loss.

Neglecting your oral health will result in a number of serious consequences over time. It can be tempting to skip flossing sometimes or fall asleep without getting up to brush your teeth. The reality is that skipping out on flossing one time will not immediately cause you to have gum disease. But regularly neglecting your oral health will eventually result in some or all of the repercussions outlined above.

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