The Major Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

Posted on Jun 14, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

The Major Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry | Coral West DentalCosmetic dentistry offers a wide range of benefits for people in many different situations. While a pearly-white smile made up of perfectly straight teeth is wonderful, cosmetic dentistry is about much more than just making teeth straight and white. Even if you haven’t had a need for it up to this point, it is likely that you will in the future – so here are some major benefits of cosmetic dentistry to keep in mind:

Increased Self-Confidence

Whether we like it or not, the way others perceive us can have a significant impact on our self-confidence – and teeth are one of the first things noticed during social interactions. Less-than-perfect teeth can lead to low self-esteem, which causes a plethora of other issues. Low self-confidence lends to challenges with anxiety and depression, sometimes pushing individuals into further isolation which then leads to more depression and loneliness…and so the cycle goes on and on.

After one has struggled with low self-confidence because of their teeth, cosmetic dentistry can be absolutely life changing. An implant where there was once a missing tooth…a veneer over a chipped tooth…braces for crooked teeth…While there is certainly an important aesthetic aspect to these and many more cosmetic procedures, the truth is that the greatest benefit lies well below the surface – increased self-confidence that leads to improvements in job performance, relationships, and life as a whole.

Decreased Pain and Discomfort

Issues such as cracked or missing teeth can be visually unpleasant and just downright painful. Furthermore, they can have a negative impact on your overall health. Missing or broken teeth make it hard to chew properly, which can impact one’s intake of nutritious food. Openings in the gums where there were once teeth can be a pathway for bacteria to enter other parts of the body, potentially causing serious pain and increasing the risk of infection. Cosmetic dentistry offers a solution to this unnecessary pain and discomfort – visit a high-quality dentist for a personalized care plan that will meet your cosmetic dentistry needs.

Preventative Care

While it’s important to have a great dentist that you love, it’s unlikely that you would want to spend time in the dentist’s chair unnecessarily. Cosmetic dentistry is one way that a dental professional can offer preventative care to ensure you don’t face certain problems in the future. Filling gaps in the teeth, repairing broken teeth, and treating problems before they get more serious can save you a lot of time and money in the future. Often, an investment in cosmetic dentistry now will not only benefit you through increased self confidence and decreased pain and discomfort – it will actually be an investment that pays off in the long-run by improving your oral and overall health.

General dentistry has a wide array of benefits – but add in the major benefits offered by cosmetic dentistry, and you’ll be a force to be reckoned with. The personal benefits of increased self-esteem and confidence in social settings coupled with a decrease in pain and an increase in quality of life is well worth the investment in cosmetic dentistry. If you live in or around the Coralville, IA area, call Coral West Dental today for more information regarding cosmetic dentistry options that are right for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry | Coral West Dental

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