Three Reasons You Cannot Afford to Miss Routine Dental Appointments

Posted on Aug 30, 2021 9:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

Three Reasons You Cannot Afford to Miss Routine Dental Appointments | Coral West DentalOne of the reasons that many people give for missing routine dental appointments is that they cannot afford the cost. If you are uninsured or underinsured it can seem like the price tag of going to the dentist for routine care is simply too high. The reality is that you cannot afford to miss those routine dental appointments. Prevention and early intervention are the two most important ways for you to protect your oral health and save money.

Decay is less expensive to treat when caught early

During a routine dental appointment, you may get x-rays so the dentist can get a clear look at what is going on with your teeth. At that appointment, you will also be examined by the dentist. Oftentimes, these appointments can reveal the very beginning of decay. You can have a cavity that is forming and not feel any pain. Treating decay at this very early stage is less expensive than treating it once there is extensive damage to your teeth. Going to your routine dental appointments and catching decay early can help you avoid pain and potentially avoid more severe damage to your teeth.

Gum disease can be reversed at home in the earliest stage

Gum disease is another oral health issue that can be discovered during routine dental appointments. Your hygienist and dentist will look at the condition of your gums during each routine dental appointment. If you have signs of gingivitis – the earliest stage of gum disease – your dentist will make recommendations on steps you can take to reverse gingivitis at home. If you do not take steps to reverse gingivitis, it can turn into periodontitis and cause you to experience severe consequences such as receding gums and tooth loss. It is less expensive and much less painful to catch gum disease early and take the steps necessary to reverse it.

Many problems can be easily treated if discovered early

There are a number of other oral health issues that can be treated easily if they are discovered early. Early intervention may be able to help you avoid issues that can leave you with lifelong consequences such as tooth loss and receding gums. Getting your teeth cleaned is only one part of what happens during routine dental appointments. Early intervention and prevention are the other important parts of routine dental visits.

In the long run, you can save yourself money by going to your routine dental appointments. The vast majority of dental problems can be treated for less when they are discovered in the early stages. And, early treatment can help you avoid pain and time off of work. When you compare the cost of treating a severe dental issue to the cost of a routine dental appointment, the least expensive option is clear.

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