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Why Skipping Dental Appointments Can Lead to Long-Term Problems

When it comes to taking care of your teeth, brushing twice a day and flossing once a day is a great way to keep them healthy. But there is one more action that should not be neglected when it comes to taking care of your teeth. Making an appointment twice a year to have your teeth cleaned is essential to keeping a healthy mouth. After you have scheduled an appointment, it is important to keep your appointments. If you skip an appointment and don’t immediately reschedule, you put yourself at risk of forgetting to make an appointment and new problems could develop in your mouth with no trained eye to see them and catch a cavity or gum disease early before it becomes a problem.

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Is Getting a Root Canal Painful?

When it comes to dental procedures, getting a root canal is one of the most feared. The mere mention of it can send people into a panic. But are root canals really as bad as people make them out to be? This article will explore if getting a root canal is painful and, if so, what can be done to alleviate that discomfort.

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Why Do I Always Have Bad Breath?

Bad breath, also known as halitosis, can be a major annoyance and confidence-breaker. As embarrassing as it can be, bad breath is a frequent problem that affects people of all ages and can be caused by a variety of factors. In some cases, bad breath may be a sign of a more serious health problem. If you are experiencing bad breath, it is important to consult with your dentist to determine why your foul-smelling breath is occurring and find the best treatment. Halitosis can significantly affect the quality of life. Fortunately, there are several ways to treat bad breath.

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Dental Emergency Services in Coralville

Knowing you are having a dental emergency can be a scary and stressful situation. But if you are overwhelmed with mouth pain, you may be disoriented and in need of someone to help you make decisions on when to call the dentist or when to go to the emergency room. To avoid being at a loss of what to do, make a plan today on how to address a dental emergency in case you find yourself in need of urgent dental care. Know the signs of a dental emergency versus a health emergency and act accordingly. If you are in need of a dentist, set up a regular appointment with a friendly, helpful dental office in Coralville, IA now so you will have access to advice and emergency care as a patient if you ever need emergency dental assistance.

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My Gums Bleed When I Brush My Teeth - What Is The Problem?

Brushing your teeth twice a day, while flossing daily and as needed are the staple oral hygiene habits that will keep your mouth and gums healthy. But if you are noticing that your gums are bleeding when you brush your teeth, you may be wondering what is happening in your mouth. It is common for gums to bleed when flossing if you do not do so regularly. But if your gums are bleeding every time you brush or floss, it is very possible that you have gum disease. The best way to know for sure is to make an appointment with your dentist immediately if you notice red, inflamed, or bleeding gums.

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Periodontal Disease Treatment in Coralville

Periodontal disease is a serious health concern because not only can it lead to bone and tooth loss, but many other health conditions can develop as well. Gum disease is the result of poor oral health care when plaque is allowed to build up, harboring damaging bacteria that inflame the gums. If not addressed, this bacteria makes its way into the bloodstream, wreaking havoc on your body’s health. Keeping an eye out for signs of periodontal disease as well as getting the right treatment if you are diagnosed with this advanced gum disease are the best way to keep your body and mouth healthy. Residents in Coralville, IA. can get the very best treatment for their periodontal disease by seeing their local trusted dentist.

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