What to Know If You Are Considering Dentures

Posted on Aug 19, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Jeff Rubel

What to Know If You Are Considering Dentures | Coral West DentalFor some folks, opting for dentures can be a tough decision. After all, you’ve had the same adult teeth for most of your life – and now we’re going to get rid of them? For a set of fake ones?

It’s a bit jarring, I admit, but it’s a procedure that happens in dental offices across the country every day. In the modern United States, it’s just a natural part of getting older now. We don’t have to worry about what to do when our teeth begin to fail us; it’s good to live in a first-world country!

But I’m sure you have questions, and that’s why I’m writing today. Here’s what to know if you’re considering dentures:

  • This will probably be a bit uncomfortable

Depending on the state of your current teeth, this might be a bit painful. We have to remove all the remaining teeth in order to provide you with dentures that will fit properly. If quite a few have to be taken out, your dentist may do the top and bottom sections individually. There could be bleeding and discomfort afterward, but it’s perfectly normal.

  • You might have two sets of dentures

The first set are immediate dentures, and they are often just a fill-in until the permanent dentures can be created – but not in every case. But you definitely don’t want to stick with the immediate set forever, because…

  • Your gums are going to shrink a bit

We’ve removed major tooth chunks from the gum line, and that space is going to get filled in – which means the gums are going to shrink. During the healing process after tooth extraction, your gums will become a bit more compact; and the immediate dentures will stop fitting properly. A great reason to ensure you go back to get the permanent set from your dentist.

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