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shutterstock_508249621If your smile is anything less than dazzling, pearly white, you may have considered whitening your teeth. There are plenty of over-the-counter options at your local drugstore…but how well can they really work, right? If you’re ready to take the plunge and whiten your teeth but are unsure of the next step, the first question to ask is where you should go for a teeth-whitening treatment in Coralville…For the best and most effective whitening treatment in town, go to Coral West Dental.


Coral West Dental offers a wide variety of services and boasts a kind, capable staff. Dr. Rubel has served the area for decades and is amazing at what he does. Choosing Coral West means you have chosen to be a patient in a top-notch practice that offers all different types of services, from teeth-whitening to general dentistry to reconstructive dentistry and everything in-between. Years of experience professionally whitening teeth means that they are more than capable of handling whatever discoloration you may have – at this point, they have just about seen it all!


When you are deciding where to go for a teeth-whitening treatment in Coralville, be sure it’s to someone you can trust with a reliable team. Many, many satisfied customer reviews tell the story of Coral West Dental – a strong reputation precedes Dr. Rubel and his crew, one that has been earned after years of hard work and integrity in business.

The Latest in Teeth-Whitening

It’s important that you talk to your dentist about whitening treatments before moving forward, as there are many, many available on the market. There’s a strong market for at-home whitening, but it is much less effective than having your teeth whitened in-office by a professional. Whitening technology advances on a regular basis, and Coral West stays quite informed on that front. Coral West Dental offers ZOOM whitening treatments. This is a fast, effective, and safe way to significantly whiten your teeth that takes about 30 minutes for the in-office treatment.

As an Added Bonus…

There are many benefits to a ZOOM whitening session at Coral West Dental. Your teeth will be cleaned and prepared before the treatment is applied, and your dentist will do a quick oral exam. A gel will be applied to your teeth for a certain amount of time – and the best part is, you will usually be able to see results immediately! That kind of turnaround time means you’ll get an instant boost of self-confidence before you even leave the office.

Choosing Coral West Dental for your teeth-whitening treatment is the right choice. In-home treatments are likely to cost you time, money, and a lot of unnecessary hassle. Having your teeth professionally whitened will do wonders for your smile, your self-esteem, and your relationships with others. A beautiful smile exudes confidence and a sense of authority – why wait any longer? Coral West Dentistry is accepting new patients - give professional teeth-whitening a try today!

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