Meet the Hygienists


Rebecca has been with Coral West Dental for 5.5 years. She not only sees patients daily, but she is also clinical lead for the office and helps write policies that are used daily. Rebecca takes pride in the care she gives her patients. At each appointment with her, you will experience attention to detail, good communication, and a sense of humor that leads to an overall fun experience. Rebecca has two kids, they are 7 and 11. When she isn't with her kids she enjoys hiking while listening to music, taking her two dobermans for walks, doing tiktoks, or hanging with friends. Her favorite season is fall and her favorite sport is softball.


Julie Bushman BS, RDH graduated from the University of Iowa with a Baccalaureate Degree in Science 1993. This was only a start of a Health and Wellness journey that expanded into a variety of levels throughout her career. Wellness is Julie’s Key Focus for her patients. Julie also has an active License in Massage Therapy and with that license includes knowledge and practice in modalities of Shiatsu, Energywork, Reiki Master, Aromatherapy, Nutrition, Bach Flowers, Sound Therapy, and Reflexology. From 1999 to 2018 Julie owned and ran an Excavation Company with her former husband. Organically created from 1 dirt job and a dream, it evolved in a multi-million-dollar company. Julie’s main roll was CFO, which also included Human Resources, Payroll, Accounts Payables and Receivables, Marketing and True Grit - ALL THE THINGS that’s included in a Small Family-Owned Business. In 2014 to present, Julie studied and is a current student of Bob Proctor with Proctor Gallagher Institute and has Mastered Thinking Into Results. “Studying with Bob and his philosophy inspires me to keep GRATITUDE as the focal point of everything I do”. Julie brings ALL this knowledge, perspective, and experience to CWD beautifully mixed with Health Guru, Motivator, Entrepreneur and a splash of Bartender. As if dental was not enough, Julie enjoys bartending for Venuworks, Cedar Rapids entertainment hub as a side hustle.

Here at CWD, each patient Julie sees will experience the comfort of truly being cared for, entertained by relational stories, and encouraged to take ownership in their own oral health needs through education. “Pat, Pat, Smack, Pat”. Julie's Strength is her Experiential Knowledge plus the Desire for Excellent Health starting with a SMILE. Her passion for helping people ignites the minute she meets you. Her Compassion is found as she strives to meet your paradigm and motivate you to excellence. After almost 3 decades of Dental Hygiene, Julie picked CWD to call HOME because "I finally found a dentist whose true CORE is PREVENTION. Dr. Rubel leads our team with the philosophy of WHOLE HEALTH DENTISTRY starting with the Entry Point; Your Mouth!" Since employment with CWD, Julie has been able to add to her education a specialty in Sleep and offer this wisdom to her patients. If presented, patients will learn how sleep impacts their overall health. Julie knows how to screen each patient for risk factors and through education allow patients to make choices that give them better quality of life. Outside of work, Julie is an avid Harley rider, World Traveler, Scuba Diver and Gym enthusiast. Her Faith is Strong and is interwoven in everything she does. She is often leading and inspiring others to be the best version of themselves in missions to help the underserved and her community. Julie’s #1 priority is her children and Mini Aussie named Murphy. As much as possible, Julie enjoys spending time with her 4 children, 2 grown, successful and on their own and 2 still at home active in cheerleading, Show Choir and Scouts.

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Meet Dr. Rubel

Dr. Rubel has served this region’s dental needs since 1989. He is passionate about making each patient experience a positive one. Chosen top spot for the Press Citizen’s “Best Dentist” in Johnson county in 2010, Dr. Rubel and his team believe in listening to and helping patients achieve their individual needs. He continues to far surpass state mandated requirements for continuing education and remains committed to mastering what he considers to be both an art and science.
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